Meetings and Conferences


At Neal R. Gross and Co., Inc. we pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with a wide range of reporting coverage, including various types of meetings and conferences across the nation and internationally.

For both public and private clients, we cover:

  • Committee Meetings
  • Board Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Break-out sessions
  • Annual Meetings
  • Investigative Agencies
  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Panel Discussions
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Workshops
  • Focus Groups
  • Societal and Political Conventions

We have a variety of topic specialties including: medical, labor, technical, contract litigation, international, environmental, financial, regulatory, securities trading, national defense, homeland security, banking, and oversight in all branches of the government – legislative, administrative and judicial.

Our services include:

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